Diving in Nusa Penida island

An unexplored kingdom opens its doors for you!

The best poin is Manta Point and Cristal Bay

Diving is the opportunity to enjoy the treasures of the unknown world, learn more about its flora, fauna and of course fill yourselves with emotions forever. You don’t have any experience? It’s not a problem – a professional diving instructor and equipment will make your adventure 100% safe!
Go on a breathtaking trip and become a part of the Nusa Penida underwater world, meet haughty coral reefs, impressive sea fishes and the biggest rays living in the crystal island waters – Manta Rays.

For all – lovers and professionals

Crystal Nusa Penida waters give divers a great number of diving spots.
One of the most popular is Manta Point, situated on the south-western coast of the island. It’s here where you will see Manta Rays. Manta Rays are very curious and very often the shoals of these creatures approach the tourists to better watch them and show Manta Ray’s dance. You won’t remain indifferent when you see the dance of these wonderful underwater inhabitants.
You will love it!

What are the other spots to enjoy diving in Nusa Penida?

  • Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay is very popular among divers. It’s the only one place where you can see the ocean sunfish (Mola-Mola), which reaches a maximum size of up to 3 meters. Very often Mola-Mola basks near the water surface (40-15 meters), where the other little fishes feed on parasites on its skin, cleaning it. By the way, did you know that Mola-Mola do not have scales?
Diving in Crystal Bay you will also see the variety of reefs and other locals, living in coral houses (clownfish, yellowbanded sweetlips, sea goldie, marine angelfish and triggerfishes).
  •  Gamat Bay
This bay isn’t large but it’s not the place where you can simply go with a stream. Sandy bottom, scraps of reefs – the underwater world of this bay is full of multicolored soft, gorgonians, hard corals which will surround you. Clear water allows seeing all the details. If you love taking pictures you will wish to stay here for hours. Surgeonfishes, sebastes, narwhals will accompany you as well during your trip. Small caves and juts are places where reef sharks and turtles love having rest. Depending on the season you can also meet the sunfish in Gamat Bay.
  • Sekolah Dasar (SD)
In English, Sekolah Dasar means Elementary School. Local divers abbreviated it as SD. A coral reef with its variety of inhabitants, pelagic fishes, extends all along the coast. Reef sharks, sunfishes and even Manta Rays are frequent visitors here. SD is the ideal place to practice drift diving. You just allow the ocean currents to lead you. Don’t be afraid, you can always hide behind the corals, creating the shelters all along the bottom.
  • Ceningan Wall
Nusa Ceningan is the smallest of Nusa Penida neighbors. Fully covered by corals the reef goes down to the ocean in about 180 meters depth. This steep cliff gave to Ceningan Wall its name. Underwater currents here are very strong and changeable, that’s why this spot is more suitable for experienced divers who feel comfortable during a drift. The water temperature is lower than in the other spots, it’s about 20-25 degrees.
Ceningan Wall isn’t so popular but the beauty of this place is equal to the other popular diving spots – flora and fauna strike the imagination, different ocean locals successfully hide among corals and underwater caves.

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